Alternatives to Homeschooling Programs in Wisconsin 

For anyone looking for and new approach to home learning with alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin call us

We have begun pre-enrollment.  It is important to complete the demo form for the alternative to homeschooling Wisconsin.  Limited time for free enrollment is still available for the alternative to homeschooling in Wisconsin, but time is limited and we work with families in Wisconsin on a first come first serve basis.  We have already began enrolling new students who want to learn from home with our alternative to homeschooling in Wisconsin and we still have a few spots open for your son or daughter to join in.  You will want to be part of the fastest growing approach to alternatives to Wisconsin homeschooling programs.

  • is an online school that offers parents, including parents who are currently homeschooling in Wisconsin, an option to access a PK-12 comprehensive curriculum.
  • Many families are benefiting by getting accredited public school curriculum and a Wisconsin certified teacher all for free while accessing the public school system online.
  • Parents who formerly Wisconsin homeschooling are seeing the light with a much more accessible way to have their child learn from home where they no longer need to be responsible for setting up and teaching the curriculum to their child with our alternatives to home schooling in Wisconsin

Alternatives to Wisconsin Homeschooling Tax Credits and Grants

No need to worry about tax credits and grants for Wisconsin homeschooling due to how this program works through the public charter.  This streamlined process allows for a effective and easy to access online school for your child to begin learn.  This easy access platform eliminates the need for busy at home parents to put together cumbersome curriculum and learning plans.  Call us today and learn more about the fast growing alternative to homeschooling in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, students who want to learn from home are eligible to participate in online classes for free, providing they are residence of Wisconsin. If you have just moved to Wisconsin, you should still be eligible but will have to check with our administrative office.

Why Choose Alternatives to Homeschooling in Wisconsin ?

Homeschooling is a confusing concept. Most people think that homeschooling is just learning from home; however, there are different interpretations. Through a virtual charter school, such as us, your child can be educated at home but your child is still enrolled in the public school system. The curriculum is aligned with stated educational goals and standards. And the diploma your child receives is from a public school district. The second meaning of homeschooling is for your child to participate in a home based private educational program, which we are not.*

  • This with a consortium of schools 
  • This allows us to open enroll students into our program as an option for homeschool parents to use when having their children in grades PK through 12th grade learn from home using a public school curriculum
  • The online platform generates an easy access level to state accepted curriculum which makes it possible for your child to use the Internet to access his or her lessons
  • Again, online learning is offered at no cost to the parent
Wisconsin Alternative HomeSchooling Program
This family can learn from home and so can you with alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin.

By utilizing this methods of learning, parents still have the ability to have their children learn from home but with credits that are recognized by the state and by colleges and universities.

Alternative To Homeschooling Program for Wisconsin Residents

First thing we ask anyone to do is to register for free enrollment to let you begin seeing our tutorials and how our online classes work.

You can set this up by calling or go to the free demo page.

* For a definition of homeschooling in Wisconsin, please see the Wisconsin DPI website

Alternative to homeschooling is proud to announce we currently have students from Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Janesville, Rhinelander, Beloit, Lake Mills, Racine, and many other school district in Wisconsin.  Come join the tribe and learn online and at home.

Learn more about how our programs are helping advance education in Wisconsin.  Meet our staff of licensed educators and call us for more information.  Homeschoolers in Wisconsin may enjoy a traditional program but many parents are finding the benefits with the alternatives to Wisconsin Homeschooling.  Online classes and learning platforms have many benefits and we can provide classes for grades K-12.  All this from the comfort of your home and with a accredited program!

Alternatives to Wisconsin Homeschooling Resources

Looking for innovative and new ways to allow your child to learn from home.  Mom and Dad’s everywhere in Wisconsin are beginning to use us as their primary resource.  For any K-12 classes can be taken from home.  This has made us the number #1 alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin

Homeschooling in Wisconsin Statutes and Laws

Some people looking for information on the Wisconsin Legislature regarding homeschooling in Wisconsin can find information at Wisconsin Statutes, Section 118.15(a) and Wisconsin laws (Section 118.165 Private Schools) related to home-based private educational programs (i.e., homeschooling) outline the following requirements for a homeschooling designation that include academic instruction for at least 875 hours each school year, be privately held as well as be private or religiously based.

A lot of great options are available for homeschooling in Wisconsin, but as the leading alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin our program allows you to utilize the public school systems curriculum and teachers.  Many parents have chosen this method and we continue to strive to put forth the most up to date information available for parents.


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This family can learn from home and so can you with alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin.
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people who use homeschooling programs in Wisconsin will often seek alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin. Some may want instructional support and to control the home environment the kids are learning from. we facilitate the alternatives to homeschooling programs in Wisconsin.